Porsche 911 Exhibit


For 55 years, the Porsche 911 has been an automotive icon. It’s been a test bed for technological development, it’s been a racing superstar, and it’s been an excellent consumer car equally at home on the workday commute and the race track. What’s more, even five decades later, the Porsche 911 still hearkens back to Ferry Porsche’s original vision and Butzi Porsche’s original design. The silhouette is still iconic and instantly recognizable, and the principles on which it was based still remain. On April 28, 2017, World of Speed’s newest featured exhibit celebrates this long, storied legacy. “Porsche 911: 55 Years of Driving Excellence” honors this timeless automotive icon, its creators, and its successes on and off the race track. Through the end of 2018, explore the history of the Porsche 911 and see fantastic examples of street and race cars, including the 1967 911 “S”, 1979 MOMO 935, 1980 935 Brumos #0028, 1982 911 SC Racer, 1988 911 Turbo Targa Top, 1988 930 S Cabriolet, 2008 997 GT3 RSR Flying Lizard, 2012 911 GT3 RS4, and 2016 911 R.


Our team was tasked to create a full marketing plan that included strategy, budget, promotion timelines, writing promotional content, print and digital display ads, and social media. Beginning in January 2017, we began promoting on social media and digital display to increase anticipation of the opening event. In the weeks leading up to the reveal, we began teasing some of the featured cars, inviting our members to a special opening night event, and even ran radio ads.

During the opening event we took advantage of social media to create live videos, which ended up being one of our most engaged live audiences to date.

After opening, we ran targeted out-of-home print ads, during Summer months to continue and bolster our attendance rates. We also partnered with our local Porsche dealership, as well as several of the car communities to organize special Porsche themed events and talks.

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Our team created the copy and graphics for all materials within the exhibit, like introduction walls, interpretive panels, and car signs. We also created promotional graphics like event invitations, outdoor banners, and event invitations.


Photos by Tyler Feague, introduction copy by John Funk, and graphics by Eleana Whitesell.