Moonstruck Chocolate Truck


The Moonstruck Chocolate Truck is a charming little food truck that sells an assortment of the best Moonstruck boxed collections, as well as the handmade milkshakes and other beverages available at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés. After an unfortunate gas explosion in a large building in Portland’s 23rd St district, one of Moonstruck’s chocolate cafes was destroyed. The Chocolate truck was developed to bring Portland’s beloved chocolates back to their chocolate lovers, while the 23rd cafe was being rebuilt.


Our team created several concept designs until this one was selected by the key stakeholders. The design mimics Moonstruck’s iconic boxed collections, and classic branding. We began promoting the launch of the truck two months before the event, utilizing paid and organic social, local news coverage, direct mail, and email.


The Moon Dippers are a new product that was developed alongside and exclusively for the Chocolate Truck. They are customizable ice cream bars, made to order with your choice of dip and toppings, right at the truck. They have since been introduced into the Moonstruck cafes.